26 April 2011


It's been a long stinkin' time since I have posted anything that I have made on my blog.  It is certainly not cuz I haven't been working on anything!  I have made a TON of things!  Want a list?  Okay!
1.  Maternity dress
2.  Maternity skirt
3. two maternity shirts
4.  three pairs of baby booties
5.  high waisted skirt
6.  Knit maternity skirt
And that brings me to number 7, which is a card table playhouse!  I got the pattern from pink chalk fabrics.  It turned out so cute!  It was especially perfect for us because this spring has been full of nothing but snow, rain and cold weather, so we have been playing our butts off in the playhouse!  Here is the final product!

When I got the pattern in the mail, I thought I would put it away until after we move and get settled in Arizona.  Unfortunately, Konrad found the pattern and harassed me until I broke down and said I would make it.  It was a rather long and arduous project.  You not only have to cut the fabric, but also the adhesive.  THEN, you have to iron it on THEN appliquéd all the pieces.  Not all that fun.  The final product is great, but I have never been so sick of a project as I neared the end of it!  In fact, I broke down and bought some fabric paint and painted leaves and all the lettering on the house instead of then being appliquéd.  The boys love it and that is all that matters to me!  My favorite part is the mailbox, complete with mail that I made them!