31 December 2010


I made my boys and cousin Billy some Thomas the Train pajamas for Chrissy this year.  Unfortunately I did not get a pic of all three in their jammies, but here are my two Yahoo's!  They are really easy to make!  My friend Sue Newberry "donated" the fabric to me.  She gave me about five yards of this fabric and some Cars fabric.  Rad is especially pumped for his Thomas jammies cuz they have Cranky the Crane on them, which Cranky he also got from Santa.  WooHoo for being a little yahoo!

11 December 2010

Graduation Announcement

Congrats to my sis who is graduating from NAU this week!  I made her a graduation announcement!  I really like how it turned out.  Yay Julie.  Now find a job.

01 December 2010

Chrissy Pressies

That is Christmas presents.  Santa has been slaving away making Chrissy Pressies for my lovelies, you know who you are!  First up!  I finished this gem this afternoon.  It is even insulated.  I learnt a few things while making this and the first is that I need to make sure I read the directions thoroughly, especially what the seam allowances are meant to be.  Secondly, interfacing thickness is a big ish.  Anyhow, I might keep it for my own self.  Friends, look out for a package from me!
Secondly, I have a new niece.  Reagan Elizabeth.  Said niece has a new quilt and doesn't even know it.  Crank your necks, loyal readers, she's a beaut!  Circles suck.  Nuff said.

Lastly, this is for a dear friend!  I hope she likes it.  I think I'm gonna make a few more for my less fortunate friends that live in colder places than AZ, although she will use it, I am certain!  Fleece is the ballz, for sure.

Lots more Chrissy pressies to come!

My New Baby

Hexy McQueen was done about a week early, while I was still in AZ.  I think she turned out amazing!  Also, don't judge me for the crappy pix.  I usually like to make use of natural light, but because I live a few miles from the north pole, it gets dark here at 4:00 pm and if there is any natural light during the day I am usually outside soaking it up.  I haven't actually seen the sun in days.  I hate winter.  That's it, I am moving to AZ!
She is quilted with little bubbles.  I can't believe how beautiful she turned out!  Also, she in huge.  Some day soon she will sit aloft a King Size bed.  But for now, may she rest her beautiful behind in my dinky room.  Let her be my sunshine till spring!