18 September 2010


I found this fab pattern on etsy for this hoodie.  It looked super easy and fall is upon us, so here is the result!  I opted for flannel for the lining but I am not sure I would do that again.  I mean, it looks really cool, but flannel does not have much stretch, as does the sweatshirt fabric.  I have never used sweatshirt fabric before and it wasn't too bad to use.  I made sure I finished all seams with my overlock foot, which helped the seams lay flat...and TOPSTITCHING. I dedicated an entire post to my love affair with TOPSTITCHING and I meant it!  Also, I opted for snaps instead of buttons.  Buttons made it look pretty girly so that was a definite no-go.  Brian took Rad to a Marquette football game and Rad came home perfectly warm!  Okay, off to my next project. 

13 September 2010

Top Stitching

I just wanted to write a post dedicated to my most favoritest thing to do (in regards to sewing, that is): topstitching.
Topstitching is a sewing technique. It is used most often on garment edges such as necklines and hems, where it helps facings to stay in place and gives a crisp edge. Decorative topstitching is designed to show, and may be done in a fancy thread or with a special type of stitch. Otherwise, topstitching is generally done using a straight stitch with a thread that matches the fashion fabric (thanks, wiki).  
I am working on hoodies for the boyz (Rodney's is done..check back for post in a coupla dayz so I can finish Rad's) and Topstitching saved my life.  I use it all the time.  I have done it on purses, collars, plackets, scripture cases, flowers and probably more.  It DOES make hems and edges crisp and I don't think any project is "finished" until it has been topstitched!

Topstitching, I LOVE U!

05 September 2010

Antiquing/ Antique-ing/ Antiqueing, IDK

That can't be spelled right.  Oh well.  I really don't care.  So we spent a few days of Brian's break up in the Wisconsin Dells.  On our way outta town we stopped at a really cool antique store (with a fab restaurant right next door).  There were some really cool vintage toy sewing machines, some really cool old signs, and some freaky deaky clowns (why are there always freaky deaky clowns?) On the very last aisle, I found this:  TaDa!!
About 30 (wooden) spools of Coats and Clark thread!  Some of them unused!  It was so beautiful and the colors so rich and inspiring!  Not to mention the cool old jar!  I also found a cool vintage women's catalogue from 1931 and an add that says, " Luscious ripe Strawberries are rich in pure Dextrose Sugar....and so is delicious Baby Ruth".  I could not pass it up!  Strawberries/ Baby Ruth...Same/Same!  

More Crap

Not actual crap.  That would be disgusting, albeit hilarious.  Nope, I made a bib necklace from s{craps} of fabric from Mr. Hexy McQueen (of which I have finished all 17 hexagons.  Still gotta do 6 half hex's and 8 triangles.  Then I gotta lay it out and the bastard of all bastards...baste it).

I love how it turned out!  I made some fabric flowers, which I totally winged, and some fabric buttons.   I have also been searching and collecting vintage earrings, buttons, broaches, cuff links and such. They added the perfect amount of sparkle!