03 August 2011

for all yuz quilters out there

I have been thinking about making this for a long time.  You know, all those bumper stickers that have a reference to a hobby that you have to have a knowledge of to actually "get"?  For example, knitters have one that says "I do it in public".  Excellent, but I'm not part of that club.  This is ours.  Quilters.  Our exclusive club.  Again, this one is going up in my work room.  I am obsessing over houndstooth right now.  I dream in houndstooth.  No lie.  It is an 8x10 and if you would like a copy of it, gimme your email and it's yours.  I wish I were smart enough to make a download for yuz, but I am not smart enough.  Peace.

LIke My Ol' Grandma Used to Say

I remember being really young and really bored.  I told my grandma such and her response??  "Only boring people are bored."  That really pissed me off cuz I thought she was saying I was boring.  Over the years, every time I hear someone say they are bored I reply that only boring people are bored.  Hence, I made this beauty to hang up in my work room and for my sister to hang in her office.