30 March 2010


I am here today to post my first completed project.  It is a birthday present for one of the 7 Birthdays of friends/family that happen to occur in April.  I don't know why I am so in to making bags lately.  Perhaps because they are fairly easy to make, as I have made a few in the past, they require very little cutting and very little fabric.  Also, once you get the hang of making bags, you can kind of just do your own thing. 

For this bag, I made my own snap closure.  I probably will not use a snap closure  in the future.  As per always, I was being lazy and thought I would save some time by not using a magnetic closure.  It ended up taking my way longer to do the snap, along with breaking three needles for my machine.  You are supposed to hand-sew the snap but I tried to machine sew it.  FAIL.  Seriously.  Lesson I learned from this project and in general:  There is No Such Thing as a Shortcut. 

The yoyo broach was just icing on the cake!  Check back for a tutorial soon!
Yo Yo detail

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