05 September 2010

Antiquing/ Antique-ing/ Antiqueing, IDK

That can't be spelled right.  Oh well.  I really don't care.  So we spent a few days of Brian's break up in the Wisconsin Dells.  On our way outta town we stopped at a really cool antique store (with a fab restaurant right next door).  There were some really cool vintage toy sewing machines, some really cool old signs, and some freaky deaky clowns (why are there always freaky deaky clowns?) On the very last aisle, I found this:  TaDa!!
About 30 (wooden) spools of Coats and Clark thread!  Some of them unused!  It was so beautiful and the colors so rich and inspiring!  Not to mention the cool old jar!  I also found a cool vintage women's catalogue from 1931 and an add that says, " Luscious ripe Strawberries are rich in pure Dextrose Sugar....and so is delicious Baby Ruth".  I could not pass it up!  Strawberries/ Baby Ruth...Same/Same!  

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