01 December 2010

My New Baby

Hexy McQueen was done about a week early, while I was still in AZ.  I think she turned out amazing!  Also, don't judge me for the crappy pix.  I usually like to make use of natural light, but because I live a few miles from the north pole, it gets dark here at 4:00 pm and if there is any natural light during the day I am usually outside soaking it up.  I haven't actually seen the sun in days.  I hate winter.  That's it, I am moving to AZ!
She is quilted with little bubbles.  I can't believe how beautiful she turned out!  Also, she in huge.  Some day soon she will sit aloft a King Size bed.  But for now, may she rest her beautiful behind in my dinky room.  Let her be my sunshine till spring!

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