01 January 2011

Looking Back at 2010

Last year, around this time I made a list of things I wanted to do, both personal and craft projects.  I have not looked at the list for a LONG time so I thought I would go through it and see how I did on my listicle.

1. Going to Beautify my life. If I had to sum up what I want to accomplish this year in one word, it would be Beautify. Please see numbers 2-10.
2. Finish hand stitching the binding on my quilt. Sidenote: I have approximately 25 more minutes to spend stitching till I am done. I am sure this will be checked off this list by sundown Saturday night.
3. Ruffle necklaces. CHECK!!! I will post pix later.
4. Wedding quilt. I am not gonna say who this is for, but it might be for a sister. That is getting married in May. Her name starts with a J.
5. Civil War quilt for Mom. She loves Americana, I have tons of Civil War fabric. Seems to be the logical thing to do. I did not finish this one, but I made her a sweet Tree of Life quilted wall-hanging.
6. April's quilt entitled "Lady Madonna" by Abby Lane Quilts. Pattern and fabric in hand. Time to follow. I did not finish this one but I did make her an even better quilt.  Please see Big Boss.
7. Camera straps using my FAIL quilt blocks. Unfortunately I have plenty of them. Hey, I am a beginner, albeit an ADVANCED beginner. I have two awesome people in mind who will be recieving these gems. ONe of said people lurks my blog all the time and also happens to live above me. The other one is related to me.
8. Scripture cases for neighbor and for sister. Perhaps one for myself.
9. Christmas scrapbook. Today I got all the pix edited and filed. Now I just have to print and glue.
10. Start quilt for 10th anniversary. I will need all the time I can get. I do have the fabric and a design in mind. I am going to do the friendship braid quilt with scattered various star blocks that I am learning to make in said ADVANCED beginner quilt class.
11. Write letters to all of the people in my life, past and present that I love. You know those people you meet that you just, you know, LOVE? Those special peep's you are certain you knew in another life? I also have a running list of those people. I really do love listicles. I also love adding "isticles" to anything with a "st". It just makes me laugh. I did not write letters.  I actually told two of those people on my list how much I love them!  I think that's even better than a letter!
12. Abby Lane purse. It is just awesome. AWESOME.  I totally failed at this one, though.  It's done but it needs some work.  Add to listicle for 2010.
13. Make a patchwork bag for Apypoo. This one'll be easy. Hopefully.  It was her Birthday purse!
14. Felty robot for Konrad. Again, fabric/pattern in hand. Now all I need is time and maybe two more hands. Nope.  Didn't have time!
15. Grow two, maybe three more hands. Still working on this one.  No, I don't mean baby hands either:)
16. Keep running. That's not really a goal. I PNWD this one.  I ran my butt of in 2010.  Literally.  I have no butt.
17. Make felty picnic set for kiddies. They will love it!  This one can be copied and pasted onto my 2011 list, especially cuz the kidz are getting a kitchen when we move into our house in AZ.  Yup.  It shall be done!

Let's not even mention all the really cool things that i did/made in 2010 that were not on my ORIGINAL LIST.  I can be spontaneous.  I am still trying to make a list for 2011 and I'm sure it will be most excellent!

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