11 March 2011

The Big Game

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have disappeared off the planet.  I realize the Big Game was more than a month ago.  Anyhow, I made all three boyz and a college of Brian's Packer's ties for the Big Day.  Now, in here in WI, the Packers is kind of like a religion.  They are zealots here.  Everybody wears green and yellow not just on game day.  Go Pack Go! is a phrase I hear (annoyingly) daily.  My neighbor was freaking out when the Packers got in to the Super Bowl.  FREAKING OUT.  Me?  I really could not care less.  I don't get the whole sports team craziness thing.  I have hobbies and I like things, but I really don't get how people care so much.  College teams, pro teams, I DON'T GET IT!  I also really don't care. At all.  In fact, I think it is hysterical how some people get really pissed when their team loses.  Brian and I especially like to egg people on and talk crap about "their team", whatever team that is, whatever sport it is they play.  We will root for the opposing team just cuz.  Again, neither of us care, AT ALL.  But we enjoy getting people who DO CARE to get all fired up.  It is surprisingly easy to do.  Especially family members.  And my Dad.

Because ties are easy to make and I happened to be the first one at JoAnn when the Packer's fabric rolled off the truck, I made some ties for the big day.

SIDENOTE:  It was reported the Friday before the Super Bowl that not only were churches cancelling their afternoon services, they were also expecting record numbers to go to their morning services for parishioners to pray for their team to win.  WHA???

So, tongue-in-cheek,  my boys wore Packers ties on Super Bowl Sunday. Roo Roo was sick so he didn't wear his.  Rad was the only one I could get to pose for me.

Why do I love pissing people off so much?

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