23 September 2011

Not A Clown Car

Sooooo stinkin' glad to not be pregnant anymore.  Sure, babies inside don't poop, cry or eat, but he was beating the crap outta my insides.  This summer I made all the things for this little guy's nursery and it turned out amazing, I must say.  Take a look.
 1.  We painted the walls from a horrific pink to a light blue with a sweet gray accent wall.
 2.  Made a quilt.  I love how the pinwheel blocks turned out.  I used Jay Bird Quilts Unwind.  I used my new Sewing Computer to quilt it with my new walking foot.  I must say that the Bernina walking foot is amazing.  Almost as amazing and life-altering as their invisible zipper foot.  Almost.

3.  Made a crib bumper with the remaining blocks.
4.  I made a swaddle with leftover fabric.  So cute.  It also seemed so small when I was making it.  He fits in it perfectly!  You forget how small babies are.  Even big babies.
5.  And, to top it off, my bike canvas.  I am super proud of this.  I took the michael miller bicycle fabric and made a stencil, scanned it, and used my silhouette to cut out 15 stencils out of freezer paper.  I attached it to the canvas then painted around the stencils.  Then I chose a few bikes to paint green or gray.  I am pretty pumped about the final result!

6.  Oh yeah, and the thing I made that took 9 months.

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