08 September 2011

All My Love

Here is another printable I made today.  So, I am 36 weeks pregnant and my baby is enormous.  So much so that I will most likely be induced in the next week or so (please, please, please).  That being said, I feel like doing exactly nothing.  Well, I feel like sitting on my butt, hence I am at my computer playing on CS4 all day while my kids play with their new kitchen and vacuum.  
Anyhow, I made this for my bedroom.  When Brian was on his mission, I was going through my Led Zeppelin phase (has it really ever ended???) and signed all my letters "all my love" then my name.  In fact, I have this very phrase inscribed in Brian's wedding ring-that he does not wear. i made this in honor of our 10th wedding anniversary which has come and gone back in June.
 I am loving the eye chart art going on out there in blogland.  LOVING it.  So I made some.  If you would like your own copy of it, leave me a comment with your email address and I will most definitely send it to you.  I can also change colors for you to accommodate your decor.  I mean, it is that awesome.  Humility is something I am working on.

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  1. This is awesome! When I saw it I started singing in my head. I knew it was Led Zeppelin. They remind me of you :) I need this for my china hutch thing! Can you make it in aqua and orange? Im going to call you soon. Cant wait to hear about that baby!


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