20 June 2010


This year Brian got some home made craps for FD.  I made aforementioned tie (which I failed at then pwned) and a really cool pic.  I totally copied the idea from lots of blogs, so I am certainly not claming originality on this one, however, it turned out pretty awesome.  The tie?  IDK.  I won't be using any more brocade, that I do know.
On another note, my sewing machine (I have named her "Lovely") is put back together.  I had the genius idea to take off my feed dogs to do some free-motion quilting.  I promptly dropped the screws into the bottom of the machine and could not get them out.  So, of course I started pulling Lovely apart.  The thought did enter my mind that I should at least take a picture so that I could get it back together, but did I heed the thought?  No way.  So I have spent the last three days trying to figure it out.  But tonight, I got it.  YOu know how I fixed it?  I took the bottom of the machine off.  Yup, that easy.


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