29 July 2010

Free Motion Attempt

Let's just call it a FAIL motion attempt.  I mean, the final product didn't turn out too bad, given that it was just practice and it took me all of 3 minutes.  Let me back up.

I am really interested in free motion quilting with my machine.  I have been using a grid quilting system on the four quilts I have finished, which has worked beautifully.  Now I am ready to move on.  I really just want to be Alex Anderson and just be awesome and be able to free-motion in my sleep.  Naturally, I bought her book on free motion quilting and started at the beginning.  Here is what I learnt.
1.  Make sure your stitch is on a straight stitch...not a zig zag.  It makes a difference.
2.  Read your machine's manual before you try to put down the feed dogs.
3.  If you decide to take apart your machine to put down said feed dogs, take a pic of how it should all go together. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT DOING THIS.  And don't drop the screw in the bottom of the machine.
4.  If you do not heed my warning, first try to take off the bottom of the machine, rather than taking the whole machine apart.  Or you can try magnets.  That was a good idea.
5.  Make good friends with the local sewing machine shop guy.  Ken's my guy's name.  He runs Jiffy Sewing. He can barely walk.

6.  Keep at it!  It can't get any worse:)
If you look closely, I did write my name, which is pretty sweet, so it was not a complete failure!!  I have free motioned a few more things.  I am starting with small projects so I am getting some good practice!  Gotta start somewhere, right?

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