29 July 2010

Hexy McQueen

Hexy McQueen
Please meet Hexy McQueen.  This is the quilt that I am making to commemorate our 10th anniversary next June.  I was going to make it a surprise for Doxta Kleinman, but a coupla things: 1.  He just don't care.  Not about the anni, but the quilt.  I mean, he thinks its cool but it would be like giving me a bunch of tools for our anniversary.  I am sure they would be awesome but I don't care.  2.  Can't hide a 108" quilt.  Simple as that.  It is literally bigger than our living room.  I think the word "literally" is way over-used, but I am using it because I am demonstrating how it is supposed to be used.  I am going to have to put the hex's together then assemble them somewhere, probably the church because it is gonna be YOOOOOJ (huge, for the idiots).  My goal is to finish putting the top together before Christmas that way I can take it to PatchedWorks and get it quilted.  I am not doing it myself.  These are the times you let the professionals (machines) handle it!  I have three hex's done, 14 more to go.  Plus 6 half hex's.  What do you think?

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