29 July 2010

Sewing Class

I am taking a garment construction class over at Bigsby's.  I have taken lots of garment construction classes over the years but I thought I would do it again to sharpen my skills a bit.  I am making the Amy Butler Liverpool dress.  It's not too bad... you have to do 10 darts, two plackets, a collar, 12 buttons/holes, sleeves, cuffs and a hem.  I have done all that schtuff before but I don't really remember the collar.  Anyhow, I picked this fabric by Denyse Schmidt.  I am finding that it frays a bit and is not very rigid so I have had to put in extra interfacing.  It is really turning out sweet and I shall add some pix when it doesn't look like a 9th grade home ec project!

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