05 October 2010

Hexy McQueen Update

I am more than half way finished sewing together Hexy McQueen.  It is enormous.  I can only lay out half of it in my living room at one time.  That being said, here is a portion of my Lovely.

I am realizing a couple of things about hexagons.  List time!
1.  They are addictive.  I have two more hex projects in the works (okay, just in my brain, but I am really close to starting).
2.  They are incredibly difficult to sew together.  You can't sew in the seam allowance (which in the case of quilting is a scant 1/4").  This makes it so that your cutting and 1/4" seam allowance must be exact or you will get some pulling.
3.  They are so stinkin' pretty!
4.  Not really about hex's but just in general:  If you are gonna make an enormous quilt, 22" finished blocks are the way to go.  Seriously!  I only have 17 full hex's, 6 half hex's and 8 quarter hex's!  Not too shabby.

At this rate, I will have the quilt top completed during tomorrow's nap time.  Then to get it basted and off to the long arm!

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  1. Hey there! I love this quilt, the colors are gorgeous. And I would love to be a guest blogger and do the balloon wreath, but I admit it is not my original idea. I saw it out in blog land. Let me know.


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