29 October 2010

Little Boss

My sis-in-law is having a baby gurrrl in a few weeks.  I am making this quilt for the babe, which I will call Little Boss (the quilt, not the baby).  The baby is going to be named Reagan, but I am pulling for the spelling to be a little more modern: Reighganne or Rayghann.  I find the modern spelling quite hilarious.  Like Emmalee.  Kills me when I see that.  Anyhowzit, here is a sneak peak of Little Boss!  I still have another row of 6 to put on it.  I bought some eyelet fabric that I am going to use for the border.  I heart the fabric!  And the circles.  The only thing was that cutting 3 inch circles was not fun. at. all.  In fact, I got half way done cutting the circles and decided to incorporate the solids into the quilt instead.  

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